• Diane Wise - Praises of Dr. Wang
    I had been in the medical field of “traditional medicine” since 1981, working in the field of Cardiology, Neurology and Hyperbaric Medicine.  In addition to having a great career, I led a very active personal life until 2004 when I was involved in a horrific automobile accident where the truck I was driving was struck and overturned. Suddenly my very active life became very sedentary.  I had several herniated discs in my neck and back with excruciating pain radiating into the extremities. Although I was under the care of excellent orthopedists and neurologists, the pain just seemed to escalate to the point where I could hardly walk. I had various diagnostic tests performed including CT scans, MRIs, x-rays, etc. I was given bracing for my back and knees did various courses of physical therapy, ultrasound and cortisone injections to my lower back which seem to relive some of the pain for a short time but when the pain came back, it was unbearable. I was offered various pain medications (which I was unable to tolerate and I felt would only mask the pain and eventually it would return) and after several years of trying every type of physical therapy, water therapy etc. I was told I had reached “maximal medical improvement” and the only choices I had was to go to a Pain Center for epidural injections which are long needles inserted into the spine with no guarantee; spine surgery was another option or I could just live with the pain, possibly do water therapy and take over the counter Advil which I had taken before.  At this point, I felt as though I had nowhere to turn since the choices I was given did not appeal to me at all.Then I had the great fortune to consult with Dr. Wang. During his consultation in details, he reviewed my past and present history and why I was seeking his care. He went over every symptom and origin of my pain, its intensity, how long I had the pain and where it radiated to. I asked many questions which he answered in such detail and with such confidence that I knew I had made the right decision to begin acupuncture with him. He then went over the plan of treatment that he had prepared for me and the following week I began my acupuncture treatments. Before, he begins each and every treatment; he will take a few minutes to ask you where the pain is more prominent or if anything has changed since the last visit etc. In addition to acupuncture, ultraviolet heat is applied to the affected area of pain which feels wonderful as well as relaxing.

    I have been a patient of Dr. Wang since 2007. He is exemplary in the field of acupuncture as his training was completed in the orient and he is aware of every meridian in the body with respect to pain.

    Every person Dr. Wang consults with, from infants to senior citizens, is given a personalized plan of treatment with regard to acupuncture depending on what their symptoms are and the severity. Before I started acupuncture with Dr. Wang, I was at a point of no return in my life in regards to excruciating pain where I could barely walk.  I had great difficulty sleeping at night and when I did finally fall off to sleep, it was not more than 2 hours. I started a downward spiral into depression.

    Today, a year later under the auspices of Dr. Wang, with acupuncture in combination with ultraviolet heat therapy, my mobility and ability to walk further distances has improved significantly. My sleep patterns are much improved and I feel so much more relaxed and happier. The dark cloud of depression is slowly fading away and I feel much more confident in everything I do.

    It is a wonderful feeling to know you are not “masking” pain with dangerous medications but instead you are helping your body to heal from within with acupuncture.  It is not a “quick fix” but rather a lifetime of healing over time via each meridian in the body.

    Thank  you Dr. Wang for being such a positive force in my life and for giving me back the quality of life which I once though I was losing.

    With utmost respect,

    Diane Wise

  • Brian Sturdivan - This is a True Story
    Hello, my name is Brian D. Sturdivan. I have lived in Ft. Lauderdale, FL since 2001. In 2003 I was diagnosed with polycythemia, a rare blood disorder. I was told I would have to have phlebotomy every 4 to 6 weeks in order to keep my blood pressure in check and avoid having a stroke or heart attack due to the increase of blood in my system. My bone marrow was producing too many red blood cells, and for 7 years I had to have my blood taken out. But instead of getting any better I found myself getting worse and worse to the point where I could not function normally anymore.My concentration was poor, could not longer drive my car for more than very short trips. Felt dizzy all the time and very weak. Had terrible headaches, constant itching, high blood pressure, and lost 40 pounds and could hardly work anymore. I was supposed to feel better after the phlebotomy but after all these years of taking my blood out I just felt bad all the time. My health had deteriorated to the point I thought I was going to die. I went through seven doctors and they did not know what to do for me. Then my wife, who uses acupuncture for many years now, suggested I go to acupuncture. I was skeptical, but what did I have to lose? How can needles make me feel better?

    I went to see Dr. Wang and from day one I felt like I did 10 to 15 years ago. Like a new person. I’m very impressed with acupuncture. It will be 6 months in October that I have not had my blood taken out and I feel great. I’m doing fine at work and driving my car long distances. My energy is up and my concentration is fine. The headaches have gone and so is the constant itching. Blood pressure is good. I asked Dr. Wang how is it that western doctors could not help me and he told me that they don’t know what to do for my sickness and with acupuncture he does.

    With acupuncture I’m getting better and better.

    I highly recommend Dr. Wang. He can cure you, and the needles are harmless. Just give it a shot. He can’t help you if you don’t go. You will feel fantastic.

  • Joie - Marvelous Doctor
    Hello, I just wanted to let you know what a marvelous dr you are.I came to you as a patient because I had sciatica and insomnia due to being injected with a cortisone shot.I went to a chiropractor for 4 weeks and that was making me feel worse. I than started up with the pain aids which were pharmaceuticals from medical dr’s which all made me sick to my stomach and did nothing for me but, kept me up even more.I started up with having lower back pain that I never felt in my entire life so I had no clue to what this new pain was. I than had to stop driving because I had shooting pain down my leg which caused me to cramp up and give me Charlie horses while I was driving with pain in my kidneys.I work a full time job and I’m not retired so I have to have mobilization and normalcy due to every day life.

    I was a certified Latin dance teacher and love to dance my life was turning up side down. I did not know who to turn to an eastern medical dr a western medical dr. All I new is I needed some relief to start feeling whole again.

    My boyfriends friend was using dr Wang and referred me to try it out. I had acupuncture before but, it did not help I thought the acupuncture dr that I went to before dr Wang was more of a chiropractor than a acupuncturist.

    At this point from being bounced around so much and spending on going money to just take a chance at different methods nothing was working. I really did not have the extra money for acupuncture and with my health care it was not covered by insurance but, I new I had to start to feel relief.

    I started up with dr Wang three times a week sometimes 4 he treated me with double treatments one for sciatica and one for sleeping/ anxiety from the cortisone shot I was given.

    It started back in June my injury from unknown and I was treated aggressively with the treatments to try to knock it out of my system than I went down to two a week to one a week now I go in from time to time.

    Dr Wang is a wonderful dr with a great deal of patients unlike many doctors out there. He has a great bedside matter and is a miracle worker. Not to mention I hate needles and I do not feel a thing when I’m being treated.

    I would recommend dr Wang to anyone that is at their wits end with going no where with treatments.

    Thank you and if anyone would like a recommendation or to here feedback you can contact me at magio12@hotmail.com I will be more than happy to speak with you.

    Thank you,